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Audrey Hepburn Jewelry Collection and Jewelry Collection

Audrey Hepburn Jewelry Collection

Audrey Hepburn was once named one of the ten most fascinating women in the world.   She has managed to stand the test of time as women continue to copy her original look and style that was only Audrey’s.  Born in May, 1929 to a wealthy English banker father and Dutch Baroness mother… she was a true blue-blood from the very beginning.  After the divorce of her parents, Audrey went to London with her mother and attended private schools.  When Hitler’s army began to take over the region, she and her mother fell on hard times during the Nazi occupation.  Though Audrey suffered from depression and malnutrition, after the liberation, she pulled herself together and began a modeling career.  As a model she felt she had found her niche… her elegance and grace worked in her favor.  It was not to long before she was spotted by producers and soon on her way to a successful film career.  Audrey gained immediate prominence in the U.S. with her role in “Roman Holiday” (1953), which her smashing performance won her an Oscar for Best Actress.  This achievement gained her enormous popularity and many more plum roles.  One of her most memorable roles, even today, was her portrayal of Holly Golightly in the delightful film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961).  Audrey decided to retire while she was still on top and directed her energy and passion as a special ambassador to the United Nations UNICEF fund helping children in Latin America and Africa, a position she retained until 1993.  She was later named by People Magazine one of the most beautiful people in the world. Her elegance and style will always be remembered in film history as evidenced by her being named in Empire Magazine’s “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time”.




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Audrey Hepburn


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