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  Current Hollywood Stars Jewelry
  Current Hollywood Stars Jewelry
  Current Hollywood Stars Jewelry
  Current Hollywood Stars Jewelry
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Since 2009 the name Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry® has been synonymous with phrases such as “Red carpet glamour showcasing jewelry from the private collections of Jacqueline Kennedy, Hollywood Stars, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton,” as reported by the editor of The Florida Weekly, “Custom replicas offer unique alternative,” The Fort Myers/Bonita Springs News Press, and “What a great concept…this store is like a little museum with gorgeous replicated jewelry I can own,” from our valued clientele.  Our goal is to impart to you all of the exemplary expertise, trade secrets and work ethics you need to be able to faithfully reproduce our retail jewelry boutique in a manner that will garner for you the same acclaim in your own Franchise.

We have traced our steps repeatedly, refined and redefined the product, and analyzed all of the details.  The groundwork has been very carefully laid to make our method of merchandising and sales presentation simple and effective for a perfect customer experience every time, so that customers will at once recognize and appreciate the quality, consistency and convenience associated with planning their next visit to Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry®.

Our training program will guide you through the process of learning our methods and every other phase of the business giving you the necessary skills for the success of your Franchise.  By putting together a cutting edge program and recognizable business model, we save you precious time and energy.  For an initial $25,000 Franchise fee we provide the branding, the name, the logos, the design for the business cards and advertising, information on how to purchase your equipment and inventory, extensive training and support, and much more.  The degree of your success, however, will depend upon your willingness to learn and communicate with us, as well as your customers, coupled with the amount of time and effort you are willing to devote to learning and executing each phase of the business.

We hope you are as excited about your decision to Franchise with us as we are excited to have you in the Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry® family, and look forward to assisting you in your goals and the future success of your establishment.



Nancy and Gary Bogan
Owners & Franchisors of Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry®
You may reach us at (239) 571-0498 or
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