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Royalty And Hollywood Jewelry

Have you ever dreamed of meeting famous movie stars, members of the royal family or any other celebrity? Can you imagine the excitement, the exhilaration of one close-up glimpse of personalities you have seen only in print or in the movies? What are they wearing? The latest fashion trends, of course! And oh… that jewelry… will you even be able to stand your excitement as you gaze at those exquisite and expensive jewels? Have you ever wished you too could own and wear the same spectacular jewelry?

Your dreams have finally come true. For you are about to experience all of those feelings and more as you browse through the pages of Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry (Click here to see a video of our store and the owner Nancy Bogan at Royalty and Hollywood Video)and view some of the most famous and gorgeous jewelry of all time. For the history buffs… enjoy your stroll down memory lane as you absorb yourself in the history and stories behind each jewelry piece. You must take note of the special hints throughout the website on ‘how to wear brooches/pins, fashion trends in jewelry and so on.

The Jacqueline Kennedy, Hollywood Stars, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Collections offer you the best of all worlds. Each original reproduction is made exactly like the original. The jewelry pieces are plated in 14k or 24k gold, platinum or rhodium. Each piece is carefully set with Swarovski crystals or high quality cubic zirconia (cz) in the same cut and color as the originals. As you examine each collection thoroughly, take note of the quality, beauty and detail of each piece… exactly like the originals.

Picture yourself looking as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn did in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" when you meet that special someone for dinner wearing Audrey's Diamond Teardrop Earring jewelry. Do you think his heart may skip a beat or two... or even three?

Are you excitedly planning your upcoming fairy tale wedding?  From the bride to the bridesmaids to the mothers of the bride and groom, Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry® strives to make sure each jewelry selection is perfect.  Whether you are seeking a vintage, old Hollywood glamour or more contemporary style, our goal will always be to help you flawlessly accessorize your special day.

Is that long awaited and much needed vacation in your future, but you are uncomfortable traveling with your fine jewelry?  Consider Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry® your resource for exquisite travel jewelry.  No worries about loss or theft.  Relax, unwind and enjoy the trip of your lifetime… it only looks like fine jewelry!

By now, we are sure you have begun to grasp the concept behind Royalty & Hollywood Jewelry®.  Soon you will clicking through the many pages of our stunning jewelry thinking to yourself, “this jewelry does look like fine jewelry…it all looks and sounds great,  but I am sure this jewelry is expensive and I am sure I cannot afford it!”  Put your mind at ease, for each piece of our replicated jewelry is a fraction of the cost of fine jewelry, making it an affordable option for every budget.  In fact, our customers are so impressed with the quality and price of each replicated piece that they confidently and proudly mix our replicated collections with their own fine jewelry.  Is it fine?  Or is it replicated?  Only you will know for sure!

So sweet friend, go make your favorite cup of coffee, tea or maybe that special glass of wine… settle into a comfortable chair amidst the glow of candlelight… and be prepared to let your imagination run wild as you immerse yourself in the glamour of yesteryear!




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Royalty and Hollywood Jewelry

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